Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Seafood

It's Labor Day. The sky is heavy with low grey clouds that blend with the mountain, turning it a hazy blue. Rain is certain. The sumac berries are full and dark red--their leaves are just beginning to turn to the scarlet that will come in a few weeks. Some trees have already dropped early leaves on the grass and Goldenrod is in full bloom.The gooseberry leaves are showing russet around their edges and between the green veins of summer.  Autumn is beginning. The cool air is perfect for bread baking and soup making.

But today we're having one last celebration of summer with a Low Country Boil. We'll eat yesterday's Tomato Rosemary Bread and feast out on a picnic table--on the porch if it rains. I'll add a quick Peach Cobbler with ice cream and coffee for dessert.


 These are the booties that I cannot get a smooth kitchener stitch sole seam on.  I'll knit another one and try again.  I think it can be done because some of my seam looks nice and smooth.  Perhaps I'm seaming too tightly.

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