Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dancing Through My Sixties

I'm a Grandma now!! Booties are the most fun to knit! They're so cute and knit up so fast. These were knitted in the round with the sole closed up using the kitchener stitch. I admit I ran out and bought quite a supply of baby yarn immediately.

Since I can't have my little guy with me 24/7, I still pursue my passions--food, for example! My friend, Karen, sez to me, "I think we should both use the same bread book and make the same bread once a month for a year. Sez I, "Yes! And I'll blog about it!" Now before you think this is copying "Julie and Julia," I've thought about cooking and blogging way before I ever heard of "Julie and Julia." I've also thought about knitting and blogging about it and dieting and blogging about it and growing old and blogging about it. . .
Anyway--we're on our way. We chose The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart to make bread from. This coming year we intend to master "the art of extraordinary bread."
Expect to read all about it.

Along with my first overseas trip this spring to Italy (which was amazing and has changed my life) I spent a few days in Bar Harbor, Maine, this summer with my son. We went out on a lobster boat, saw harbor seals and ate lobster and blueberry pie every day. I had never spent much time in Maine--it was beautiful! I went sailing in Baltimore on our boat--first time out for me. It was quite breezy, but I was with two excellent sailors who were always in complete control. (I may have to make a little trip somewhere with boats and seafood this fall. ) Then, when the summer was almost over, along came this little, tiny grandbaby!

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