Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Promises To Keep"

Every winter I quote Robert Frost as I gaze out my window into the snowy woods.  And I think of the promises I need to keep.  January is a wonderful month for that.  My fall was so busy with the start of a new school year and 2 classes I had to take to keep my certification.  Then the holidays full of all the fun and family took us into the new year.  I have spent this month reorganizing again.  Now things are somewhat under control in our home.  I can find things I need again and I'm excited about the year ahead.  I spent this evening reading some of my favorite blogs that I hadn't even looked at for a couple months.  I'm joining  Cream Puffs in Venice with a list of 11 things I want to do, except I'm giving myself 3 months rather than a year.  It seems easier to handle 3 months at a time!

1.  Maintain the organization I've established.
2.  Follow the cleaning plan I've put together so my weekends are free.
3.  Redecorate one room.
4.  Make every Friday evening a SPA night.
5.  Keep up the exercise plan I've established.
6.  Use lip gloss and lotion constantly.
7.  Use my new CAMERA often!
8.  Complete a knitting project.
9.  Make pierogis once a month.
10.  Visit one new place each month.
11.  Buy lots of earrings.

Goals are dreams with deadlines - Diana Scharf Hunt