Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finally Done

I finished knitting my fingerless gloves!! I have a page of comments on "lessons learned while knitting." This project reminded me over and over of the necessity of focus. If I tried to do anything else, like chat with a friend (!) I made a mistake. If I felt comfortable with my rhythm and started to knit mindlessly, I made a mistake. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, I made a mistake. I made more mistakes and started over more with these gloves than anything else I've ever knitted! Just when I thought I had finally finished the second glove, I laid it beside the first one and it was an inch longer than the first one! I had to unravel some of it again. But I like them. And the pattern is "Snow on Cedars!" I'm ready to start my next project--probably Estonian socks.

And I've lost 4 more pounds eating good food in small amounts and have finally begun my exercise program of adding weights and core exercises to my dancing.