Sunday, March 14, 2010

BBA Challenge - English Muffins

These were actually made a couple weeks ago, but I'm somewhat behind in posting.  This was another one of those breads that made me say, "Next time, I will . . ."  When I shaped the dough into boules, I took very seriously the instruction to create surface tension to cause the bread to rise up, not just out.  That's just what they did.  They rose up, but didn't widen much.
I thought they might spread out a lot when they were placed in the pan, but they didn't.  I also didn't know how to judge the heat of my skillet and the doneness of the muffins, so, as you can see, I browned them too much.  They didn't have the big holes I wanted.  I'll work on that the next time I make them.

But with butter, cherry preserves and a hot cup of tea, they were still a treat!

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