Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I felt spring Saturday morning. I stepped outside and the sun was warm against the logs of our house. I made a cup of tea and pulled up a chair on the sheltered side of our home because the wind was still somewhat chilly. I sat there just vegging in the sun and dreamily watching birds at the feeders for a long while, until a finch sideswiped a wire holding up the feeder. Tiny feathers flew but the little finch just veered from its path a little and kept going. I found myself laughing the way you do when someone falls and you know you shouldn't but it just comes out anyway. My dreamy spell broken, I started forming plans to prune the grapes, clip some pussy willow to bring in and some forsythia to force. I found clippers and went back to the pussy willow. It was soft and beautiful and I brought in some twigs of it to hold for Easter. When I went back out the clouds had covered the sun, the wind was stronger and spring had disappeared.

It was enough to inspire me, however. I know it will be back. The next day I bundled up and walked to the back woods through fields that still hold remnants of the last snow. I dreamed of the violets and pussytoes that will soon carpet a path in a warm, fragrant field and will be followed by honeysuckle and wild rose. Comforted by my walk and the fresh smell of pine and cedar, I came back home with a new determination to be strong and healthy to greet spring and summer.

My exercise and food plans are in place today. It is windy and cold outside so I walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes while the Barefoot Contessa cooked on TV. Then I crunched for perfect abs and felt so strong that I ended with a half hour of free-style dancing to 60’s music.

I am eating fish twice a week, having two entirely meatless days a week and no more than one day of beef or pork. I am filling myself with green and orange food and I drink water constantly from a green glass goblet. Oatmeal was my breakfast today, lunch was spinach/mushroom frittata and dinner was chicken cacciatore. My snacks were yogurt, a fruit smoothie, and a pear. When I force myself to go to the store I will stock up on blueberries, almonds and whole grains. Spring will be back again in a few days.

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