Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tonight I hear the spring peepers again! The return of spring reminds me the earth doesn’t care what changes I’m making in my life and whether I’ve gained or lost weight or that I’m getting older or that my wrist has a little break in it. The crocuses and snowdrops are blooming. The buds on the white lilac are getting full and the sun is higher in the sky. A bluebird was on our wild cherry yesterday and the geese are heard often now. I sat in the warm sun for a long time after breakfast today. This is the first spring in a long time that I have the luxury of spending so much time outside and I don’t take it for granted. Tomorrow, with some help, our grapes will be pruned. I’ll buy seeds and start some under lights inside. I’ll plan this year’s garden and the little corner where I’ll have a tiny “lavender field.” It’s all I can do while my wrist heals—that and keep up the exercise and good eating. Life is happening and I am ecstatic!

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Laura said...

That crocus is beautiful! I miss them.