Sunday, January 1, 2012

Handmade Gifts-Special Christmas

Best Christmas Ever!  Again!  This year we made some of our gifts once again.They are some of the most fun.  Even our little grandson joined in and made pine cones filled with birdseed mixed in peanut butter (somewhat messy) and bundles of kindling wood for fireplaces. We started out looking all over the yard for sticks but found quite a stash on his grandfather's woodpile that he decided would make great gifts:
I received coasters, cut and made from wood from our own property. Notice the mug, also a gift, from an awesome potter, check out his website. His pottery is beautiful and of excellent quality.  This happens to be a handwarmer mug--holds in the heat of the drink and fits my hand beautifully!
I went to a light show with my daughter over Christmas at a local park--beautiful Christmas lights with hot chocolate and cookies.  I kept my ears warm with a snuggly headband from my daughter-in-law (or other daughter!):

My daughter knows I'm obsessed with her pillow cases and made two more for me along with a basket of New Year's cheer for everyone!

There were bought gifts and fun gifts. Mostly there was family and food and moments to remember.   And a gift from me for someone special to come.

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