Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Goals 2012

"Decide what to be and go be it." I found that quote on a blog and pinned it to my inspired board on Pinterest. That's pretty much how I approach each new year.  It's a chance to reinvent myself every year.  What I'm going to be in 2012 and how:

addicted to healthy choices
         buy local and cook seasonal, emphasis on heart-healthy and low cholesterol foods
         exercise for health and flexibility
         get to know my camera
         capture moments and unexpected views
         "cook without recipes"
         start with soups, sauces and breads
          knit for babies
          knit for Christmas gifts
          this is an ongoing battle
          "yes" to new things

So to start on the goals, I will continue what I started last year--preparing my foods for a week ahead to carry to work to make eating healthy easier during the workweek.  Breakfast this week will be the wonderful cholesterol-lowering oatmeal.
To make the mornings easy, I cook for the weekdays on the weekend.  I round up 5 microwave-safe bowls for the oatmeal.
I use regular oats that require 5 minutes of cooking time and regular or golden raisins--favorite is a mix of both.

I cook oatmeal using a little less than the amount of water suggested on the box.  I like the oatmeal to be a thicker texture.  I add the raisins when the oatmeal is almost done so I don't get raisin-flavored oatmeal--just oatmeal with softened raisins. 
 I pack the cooked oatmeal into bowls and let them cool, cover and refrigerate.
I pack one in my lunch every day.  At work I keep milk in a small refrigerator.  I heat the oatmeal in a microwave and add milk.
I love this breakfast and it's quick and healthy every morning.


Laura said...

Your new blog looks lovely! Do you do mail-order oatmeal? I'm hungry.

poppyseed said...

Thank you. maybe i can overnight it.