Sunday, September 11, 2011


If you're a knitter and don't follow the yarn harlot, you're missing one of my favorite blogs. She is hilarious even if you're not a knitter.  And she's going through what I've been going through for a couple weeks--waiting for a special little baby to arrive and knitting until it comes!  Ours is here!  Our second little grandson arrived a couple days ago and we couldn't be happier around here!  (Jen is still waiting and the yarn harlot is still knitting.)  You really should go there and see the cute baby things she's making and making and making.  Adorable!  I'm working on a little hoodie but so far all I've completed is a pile of booties:

The first ones I made were from elastic yarn.  They are knit from top down and only have a seam on the center of the sole. I showed those on a previous post.  They are the light blue, tan and white ones above.
Then I made a pair from a pattern I really like in which the sole is knit first, then the sides, top and cuff. There is no seam at all in those.  These turned out a little bigger than I wanted because I was experimenting with sizes and yarns.
Since there was still no baby and I love making booties, I decided a plain blue pair might be nice.  But there was some gold yarn nearby and this is WV and a couple of his uncles are serious Mountaineer fans and . . . look what happened:

On this day of 9-ll, remembering what happened ten years ago and all the special memories that were shared of loved ones today on tv, makes me all the more thankful for our new little one and for all the special family that gathered around to welcome him into our life.

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