Friday, February 12, 2010

The Knitting Olympics "Let The Knitting Begin!"

At the moment the torch is lit tonight to begin the Olympics 2010, more than 2000 knitters will cast on to knit a challenging project of their choice that must be completed before the torch is extinguished at the end. We're  joining the yarnharlot.  Read her inspiring and hilarious introduction.  There are other knitting groups on the web forming their own "knit with the Olympics" plans for tonight.  I had signed up to attempt my first Fair Isle mittens, using both the continental and the English methods for two-handed stranding--a real challenge for me--a continental knitter.  But, I discovered there is a call for "helmet liners for soldiers," that are being sent to soldiers in Afghanistan.  I've had a soldier in Afghanistan and I've decided to join that cause instead.  When the torch is lit tonight, I'll cast on dark olive 100% wool to knit a helmet liner before the torch is extinguished on Sunday, February 28.


Anonymous said...

Why haven't you posted since Feb. 12? You were on a's almost March!! I miss reading about your recipes and where is the picture of your English muffins? And where is the picture of your Olympic knitting?
You have to know who this is:)

poppyseed said...

Yes, Karen, I haven't. I'm been in a bit of a doldrum in the blogging area--and busy knitting! But Thanks for Noticing! (You too, Laura! And I'm back on the job now. I was waiting for some sunshine.