Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Pride cometh before the fall"

I was having a little feelings-hurt moment because I was teased about staying in just because there was a little snow out there. I grabbed my veggie scraps, slipped on my treadless Birkenstocks and headed out to the compost pile with annoyance, when, "Whiz, plop!" the veggies flew in one direction and I flew in the other-- right on the ice. Well I'm 61. I've heard all the old stories about the "broken hip" when you become "elderly." So I picked myself up and carefully checked out all my parts. It seemed the only injury was to my wrist. A large bump started forming. That was a week ago. No more knitting, no more chopping and slicing for my gourmet-cooking hobby, nothing that took both hands--and it was my RIGHT hand. At first it was nice--I put my feet up and read and watched movies and my husband brought me tea. But I got restless and. . . my first blog was born. As soon as I could use the computer with both hands again, I called my daughter and, with her help, I am online.

I'm not sure yet what I'll be writing. I've started a fitness routine (without arm exercises at the moment) and will be developing it as I go. I love to cook, knit, and garden. I'm currently taking some time off from my career as a Chemistry teacher and never know what I might be doing next. I'm always reinventing myself and might be doing some of that right here. My adventure begins.

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