Monday, February 26, 2007

My fitness program is coming together. I like my dance routine—a tape that includes Latin dance moves and ballet. It was my second time to follow these exercises and I find a bit of improvement in my ability to follow the foot movements—my arms are still flailing a bit erratically—I’ll figure that part out later. A friend of mine told me she doesn’t do the exercise tapes because it’s too hard to learn the steps. Of course, I immediately decided I would not stop until I COULD do them—my pride again. So—I’m doing my dance routine every morning. I’m going to fit in the treadmill or a walk outside every day. Just before bed, I’ll be doing “Yoga for Chickens.”

So today I danced. I felt good afterwards—all invigorated and alive. I loved it. I came up and took a shower. Then I had a gourmet lunch of shrimp linguini, spinach salad, sugar snap peas and large red grapes with a small glass of wine and Italian music in the background.

This is an experiment in following a “Fine Living/spa” lifestyle for a month to see what comes from it. I hope to lose weight and trim up, but my greater goal is just to feel wonderful and healthy. I’m not weighing myself, I’m not counting calories or depriving myself of good food and I’m not following any diet. I’m doing what I love and I’m going to love everything I do. This will be a month of bliss and pampering. It officially started today.

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