Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Wild Mushrooms, Agaricus campestris

I found more today.  This time I'm adding some onion and thyme.
I start these by peeling off the caps and slicing them.  I add a little butter and olive oil to a pan and saute some chopped onion.  When it's translucent, I add the mushrooms along with some fresh thyme leaves.

When the liquid evaporates and the mushrooms are cooked, I finish them off with just about a tablespoon of cream to give a silky texture.  These mushrooms are not as firm as those from the store--they have thinner caps--but they have such a delicious woodsy mushroom flavor!  The first few times I had cultivated mushrooms I thought they were rubbery compared to these.

My absolute favorite way to eat these is just over boiled, fork-mashed, salted potatoes. And, today, I treated myself to some marinated herring in sour cream on the side.  (My husband said I just lost him there--he wants no part of the herring.)  My drink of choice for this meal is cold fresh buttermilk.


Jaime and Jen DISH said...

These mushrooms look so delicious and hello, over potatoes, YUMMY!!!! I've never had herring before. Thanks for sharing this recipe!


Jaime and Jen Dish (come visit us!)

Rachel said...

Terrific post. I wish I had the nerve and knowledge to go 'shrooming but I can have a vicarious thrill looking at this post. Love the herring too!