Monday, July 12, 2010

Corn, Beans and Avocado

I am learning to like cilantro.  I bought some for a dish and have quite a bit left over so I'm finding ways to use it.  Today I checked out the fridge and found several containers of cannellini beans that I had cooked from dried beans (I ran out of canned yesterday and had to raid my dry bean stash), I had 4 ears of leftover cooked corn and 2 avocados and 3 limes in a bowl on the counter.  My spice cabinet is always well-stocked so I knew I could do something here with my cilantro again.
I chopped up a head of romaine lettuce, added about a cup of my cannellini beans, cut the corn off two of the ears (they were small), cut up and added an avocado, sliced about 1/4 of an onion over it and sprinkled the salad with some chopped cilantro--about 3 Tblsp.  I tossed all that and sprinkled it with a dressing made of 2 Tblsp. olive oil, juice of 1/2 lime, 1/2 tsp. cumin, and salt and freshly-ground pepper to taste.  That made about 2 servings.  It was so easy, cool and good.  Perfect for a light summer meal on my breezy front porch.

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