Monday, November 9, 2009

Eggs in Purgatory

Sometimes I get a tiny bit of inspiration.  This morning there were two.  I thought of a perfect little breakfast for what I'm attempting to get back to--healthy, delicious eating--emphasis on both!  (I teach and, sometimes, that consumes so many hours and so much mind, that I fall behind on everything else.)  This morning I remembered Eggs in Purgatory.  I had attended Tyler Florence's Wine and Food Pairing in DC this weekend .  At each of our place settings was a gift of La Famiglia DelGrosso Fireworks Sauce.

 I was preparing to make some Christmas cookies and realized I have to let butter  get to room temp first.  Ok--time for breakfast while I wait.  I hit upon using some of this sauce to make Eggs in Purgatory.  I simply simmered a little sauce, slipped in an egg, added s & p, chopped some fresh parsley on top, added a slice of whole wheat toast and a cup of very hot tea and, Voila--the perfect breakfast!  There was the egg for protein, the lycopenes in the tomatoes, the vitamins in the parsley, the whole grains in the bread and the zing from the "fireworks" in the sauce!  It was soo good and healthy and not bad in calories.  The sauce allowed me to cook the egg without any fat.

 Then came the next inspiration.  When we were in our favorite vacation spot, Ocracoke Island, NC, I bought a little pottery bowl.  It turns out it's a perfect break-an-egg-into-before-slipping-it-into-something-else bowl.  It has a little handle on the one side and a little pouring spout.  Even better, my garbage can is just to the right of the counter, so I can break my egg into the bowl and drop the shell right into the trash without moving from the spot.  Then I slip the egg into a pan on the stove which is also right there on the left  or into a mixer bowl, etc.  In this picture there is another bowl I bought in Ocracoke, that holds a little flour for when I just need a little in my cooking.  The little Polish spoon was a gift.

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