Sunday, October 11, 2009

Socks and Pumpernickel Bread

I've started my fall socks.  I'm racing
with autumn now.  I have to get this pair completed before my fall flowers stop blooming.  Lucky for me these flowers bloom until really late in the fall.  This yarn is made in Germany, Schoppel wolle, Zauberball and is 75% virgin wool and 25% nylon.  It is fingering weight and I'm using size 2 needles.


We're not due to make another Reinhart bread until next weekend, but I was making pork and sauerkraut for dinner today and really wanted some rye bread.  I took out some of my frozen barm, let it thaw and added some pumpernickel flour and water.  Instructions said to let it sit out about 4 hours and then refrigerate overnight.  I let it sit and sit and it didn't bubble up and ferment like I expected, so I let it sit out until evening.  Then I looked in the book again and noticed that I should have taken it out three days before I needed it if it had been in the freezer.  I went ahead with the recipe anyway.  It had started to bubble and had increased in size somewhat.  I also decided to use loaf pans today since that was easier and I had family over for the day.  The only loaf pans I have are larger than the ones needed.  The result was that the bread is still really really good, but it isn't as tall as it might be if I had the smaller loaf pans.  I'll make it again with Karen when its turn comes for our BBA challenge--next time I'll take the barm out sooner and I'll make the sour dough version and put the loaves directly on parchment paper and my baking stone instead of loaf pans.


Jake and Laura said...

Those socks are beautiful with the flowers!! Can I put in a request for a pair?

poppyseed said...

Possible, thank you.