Sunday, February 10, 2008

"When The Sun Rises, Wake With A Song"

Well, Laura, there’s this “pie of the month” thing. . . and when you peel a healthy avocado for your salad, what do you do with the other half?? It turns brown if you don’t eat it. . . and then your husband gets interested in the pie thing and he makes one that sits in front of you on the counter all day. How can you just have one piece of that?! And can’t we all just eat a lot and then hibernate for the winter? What happened to that idea??
I did walk outside today and prune the grape vine while the wind buffeted me all around. That felt like some kind of exercise. I think I’m lighter now.

I looked to my wise list of advice from a dog for something inspiring. One says “take naps,” but that doesn’t help. The next one says, “stretch before rising.” OK. I will get up 20 minutes sooner and start the day with Yoga to some beautiful music—stretching myself thin. It’s time to bring out the inspiring Yoga for Chickens and bask in its wisdom. My routine, just for this week, will be, “Gizzard Stretch, shoulder shrug, hippie chick, drumstick stretch, cat-cow, and flying bug/crawling bug.” All will be done before the Sun even rises. I'll face the day--a better chick.

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Laura said...

Hahaha a better chick! You're a good egg.